A map that connects your Ideas with local Entrepreneurs

The StartupMap

Have you ever tried to make a startup out of an idea?
Have you ever created a concept but you where missing the right people to help you out?
Ever felt like there were no potential coworkers in your neighborhood for your startup-idea?

My idea, which I would like to call The StartupMap for now, would be a solution for all entrepreneurial minded people worldwide with the same problematics as described above. Not only will it speed up your startup process, it can also be ecological. Why take the car if your coworker lives around the block?

What can The StartupMap be used for?

  1. People with a Startup idea, looking for coworkers
  2. Potential coworkers with experience but without a current idea
  3. Launched Startups that want to be put on the map

My whiteboard drawings/notes on this idea

The main drivers for this project

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Don’t stay at home for the Delivery Guy!

The Packet Delivery Box

Like many people, I love shopping online because it saves me a huge amount of time, not money, just time. But I always have to rely on my lovely grandmother to receive these (sometimes) daily deliveries. You must know that she is over 96 years old. How does this make any sense? I order stuff in a very modern way, but I still have to rely on people that were born right after World War I to end the delivery-process! … Time for an idea…

Earlier this year I woke up with an idea so I took my notebook, a pen and the pillow which my beloved wife stole from me during the night. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes to finish the scheme below. Could it be that simple? Let me briefly describe the solution: Continue reading

Why I really need to do this

Let me shortly introduce myself

My name is Pieter and here is a brief fact sheet:

  • 29 years of age
  • Living in Belgium, Europe
  • Married to Stefanie
  • Becoming a dad in August 2014
  • Sports fanatic: jogging, soccer …
  • ECM functional analyst
  • Entrepreneurial thinker / hobbyist

Since I was a kid I’ve been curious about almost everything.

“What causes this?” “Where do things come from?” “How are things done?”

But mainly I’ve harassed grown ups by asking them constantly “why“. Now parents get easily annoyed when you keep on asking “why” too many times. Especially when I kept interrupting them 10 times per minute and hijacking their conversations – all the time. The reason I am telling you this is because lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood. This “why” obsession is probably the one main thing that drove me into a job as an analyst. Because I’m a grown up now, I know it’s not very polite to interrupt everyone by throwing questions at them such as “why”. You let them finish their sentence and after a lot of patience it’s my turn: “5 time why”.

5 Times WhyThe 5 Whys is an iterative question-asking technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem.[1] The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem.

I really love this method of analysis. I really love analysis.

I analyse.

What & Why I really need to do this

Everywhere I look around I see a problem; potentially a problem that I can fix. Or at least in my head. I think.
And in many cases I catch myself thinking too much on solutions without defining real actions. In stead I always think of some reason that stops me from really working these ideas out.

Personally I have no clue what’s stopping me from becoming an entrepreneur. What I do know is that deep inside me it’s tearing me apart. Ideas getting lost (in my head or on sheets of paper – even in the cloud) is what is really frustrating me the most. Especially when I draw ideas in a notebook, leave it there for several months and do nothing with it.

Why don’t I just start sharing my ideas?

Like my colleague Nicky always says: “Sharing is Caring” – he might be right about this.

By doing so I will have the ideas out of my head and shared with the world so that others might do something useful with them. This way I also hope I’ll be able to clear my mind for other ideas. Now don’t get me wrong. I am very much interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but at this moment I do not seem to get to it. I think I am still preparing myself by reading, following classes, listen to podcasts, watching videos, analysing business models … Eventually I hope I will be ready – one day.

In my next post I will be trying to explain how my ideas could actually work out very well – or have been worked out by others (hint: DHL).

Please enjoy my upcoming ideas, brainstorms and all other thoughts.